I made a huge mistake.


I overcomplicated something that was meant to be simple — Creative Processing.


Creative Processing is SIMPLY, activating your creative mind to process a certain intention.


It’s literally creating anything to process anything… that’s it.


Creative Processing is not something I came up with but rather, it’s a term that’s rooted from observing the creative reality for humans. It’s a term that has helped me (and hundreds of others) to harness the power of INTENTION*… In a fun way!*


Do you listen to music when you’re sad? That’s Creative Processing.


Do you journal when you're anxious? That’s Creative Processing.


Do you create spreadsheets to organize your thoughts? That’s Creative Processing.


Do you clean when you’re overwhelmed? That’s Creative Processing.


However it looks to you, the reality is that our brains are wired to create in order to establish control over what we can and need to control. We ALL already do this… all the time… without ever having a clear term to describe it… SOOO….


What’s the big deal about having a term to describe it? Well… it's a “Once you know better, you do better” (thanks for that wisdom, Maya Angelou) type of thing. Once you can conceptualize the fact that Creative Processing is available for you to tap into at any moment, it’s as if you are being handed back the reins to your own busy mind.


Instead of drowning in your emotions, you can choose to PROCESS them.


Instead of venting to every person you can think of, you can choose to PROCESS your feelings before sharing them… or set up the conversation to be an effective verbal processing session.


Instead of choosing to stay stuck between a rock and a hard place, you can choose to PROCESS your next right step.


Instead of seeing yourself as inferior or unworthy, you can choose to PROCESS all your uniquely incredible characteristics.


In order to find PURPOSE in the pain, you have to choose to PROCESS the pain.


This is how transformation becomes your present reality.


Don’t overcomplicate change. The truth is, it doesn’t have to take months or years to feel a shift (although the compiling effect of healing is pretty dang amazing).


We lay the foundation for real change to occur by processing all that we have already come through… By processing our stories from the past and hopes for the future… By processing how we’re currently learning and growing… And by reflecting on all the lessons we’ve already learned.


By utilizing the gift of our innate creativity to create the life we are called to live, we are finally able to leverage the transformative power of processing!


For so long, I’ve struggled with finding the right words for my personal and professional mission. I’ve used “finding joy in the midst of chaos” and other variations of this commonly (over)used phrase for quite some time, but recently (during a Dentist appointment, haha!) the Lord revealed what He has called me towards during this season:


I am on a mission to create simplicity out of chaos.


…for you, for me, and for the future generations to come by providing vulnerable encouragement (like this blog!), creative resources, and a safe place for real-life stories to land.


SOOO… I have some exciting news! At the end of July 2023, I will be officially launching a community of WORTHY WARRIORS on a mission to create simplicity out of the chaos of life through practicing Creative Processing.


Look, I know that we all have full lives.


If you’re anything like me, you probably spend your days driving from place to place or bouncing around from email to Zoom call to text to phone call and back to email. Not only that but unexpected expenses are constantly surfacing and gosh dang it, why are the utility bills so high these days?! If you’re reading this, then I’m going to guess that you relate to that in one way or another… That’s exactly why I have spent months and months researching and asking for feedback to figure out how to get Creative Processing into your life in a LOW COMMITMENT, but HIGHLY IMPACTFUL way!


So, what did I figure out? Well, there is only ONE LIVE WORKSHOP PER MONTH (same day/time every month for easy planning!) and everything else is available to you 24/7! The cost? $50 per month. Not to be “that person” (jk, I’m totally going to be that person right now)… Friend, that’s less than a manicure and half the cost of most therapy sessions.


Within this community, you will find:

  • ALL 6 (previously recorded) WORKSHOPS + GUIDEBOOKS
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK and/or SLACK GROUP to gain encouragement, advice, and motivation from wise women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences!
  • LIVE MONTHLY WORKSHOPS to practice creative processing in community!
  • “Be A Great Human” RESOURCE MANUAL
  • AN ABUNDANCE OF FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS — prints, screen backgrounds, and whatever else I feel like creating!
  • SO MUCH MORE… Seriously, I have so many ideas (book or Bible studies, in-person events, etc)!


The best part?! We began building this community at the end of last year so there are already women who are ready to welcome you with open arms, share their light, and show you how to find joy and peace through the tool of Creative Processing!


The doors to this unique community will be opening soon, but they won’t be open for long! CLICK HERE to jump on the waitlist and to find out more about the Creative Processing Movement + Community.

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