The Collective Story

About DDCC

Danielle Damrell Creative Collective (DDCC) is a continuously expanding collection of Creative Processing Workshops, creative services and coaching, motivational products, playlists, and resources that aim to spread the message of acceptance and truth.


The heartbeat of this collective is to honor each individual story. Every person's story is worthy of being heard, whether though the messaging or visuals of your personal branding or through your literal voice... You are WORTHY of being heard, seen, and valued.


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou


DDCC strives to provide each person with a uniquely creative experience. Whether you are someone who is ready to step into your power through creative processing, are a prospective client looking to have a creative service provided, are a customer looking to buy some meaning-filled products, or are just someone coming to check out what the heck this whole thing is about… YOU ARE A FRIEND… And you are welcome here!

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Danielle's Story


Hi friend! I am so grateful that you’re here! Just to give you some background on who I am, I am a multi-passionate creator with extensive experience in brand design, writing/copywriting, podcasting, and creative business coaching. I am also a wife and mom, residing in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. Breaking into entrepreneurship as a lettering artist, my art and skill set evolved and I have now been featured in publications all over the world including Business Insider, Forbes, Voyage Denver, and several other national publications.


My faith has also played a major role in my healing journey, and I am frequently found sharing on social media the daily miracles as well as the real-life struggles that are just a part of being human. Finding balance while living out a FULL (not “busy”) life, is hard to do, but not impossible. I know first-hand the healing and freeing power of creative processing, and I am excited to help equip others with the knowledge of how to utilize it as a skill and processing method in their own lives. 


In 2020, I realized that the act of creative processing was a powerful key to unlocking the healing that I have always longed for. Coming from a background riddled with abuse, trauma, physical illnesses, an unexpected pregnancy, and mental health struggles, I realized that it was up to me to break the cycle of chaos and dysfunction and I felt called to help others to do the same.


Beating all statistical odds, I am now empowering and inspiring other women to step into the life of freedom and healing they are worthy of living. Since 2019, I have researched extensively to become an expert in creative processing and I am often teaching others how to channel the pain and chaos of life into life-giving choices that lead to joy. 


In 2021, my passion for creativity and connection merged as I launched the Created Worthy Podcast. Created Worthy is a safe place for women with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, to come and share their own REAL life stories and testimonies. It’s not all about having everything figured out, but rather, inviting people to see how we are always in a journey of discovery. As each guest shares their stories, I help them to uncover the threads of how creative processing has shown up in their lives already, without even realizing it.


“When you know better, you do better.” - Maya Angelou


I am now focused on empowering other women to step into the life of freedom and healing that we are all worthy of living. Leaning on my personal and professional experiences, I am often found mentoring and teaching others how to channel the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, into creating meaningful work by focusing on intention.


Never Stop Creating, 

Danielle Damrell