These playlists are broken down by “Creating” and “Processing” to pair nicely with whatever type of creative processing you are doing. If you need to feel inspired and excited, try a “Creating” playlist. If you’re looking to process certain emotions and experiences, try a “Processing” playlist.

Creating: Trusting Your Journey

A playlist for those who are creating and need uplifting vibes! Great for writing, painting, or any kind of creating! 


Creating: Musical Playlist

Sometimes you just gotta bust out those favorite musical show tunes and get to creating! This playlist is for my fellow musical lovers out there!


Creating: I’m a Strong A$$ Woman

Creating playlist for women who need a boost in confidence and want to feel empowered to create!


Processing: Heartbreak

A playlist for those processing through heartbreak. There's no doubt, heartbreak sucks... In the meantime, feel those feels and I promise there is hope to be found. 


Processing: Falling in Love

A playlist to serve those going through the exciting experience of falling in love. Whether you're falling in love for the very first time or have been married for years, this playlist is full of feel-good songs helping you to fill your spirit with all those love vibes! 


Processing: Need for Community

A playlist to help those who are feeling a deep desire for community. Empowering you to create a life and community that you are WORTHY of having.


Processing: Singleness

A playlist to lift the spirits and remind those processing singleness that you are still loved, wanted, and WORTHY!


Processing: Anxiety & Depression

A playlist for those suffering from anxiety and depression who need a reminder that you CAN, you HAVE, and you WILL! You are strong and you are WORTHY of a life of FREEDOM.


Processing: Healing

A playlist to help heal the soul. Music that speaks directly to the deepest places in our souls and reminds us of the healing that each of us are WORTHY of experiencing. 


Processing: Childhood Trauma

A playlist to help with processing childhood trauma. A trauma that no one wants but all who experience CAN heal from. Sometimes you just gotta feel those hard emotions and parent your inner child with the kind words and encouragement you've always needed. 


Processing: Grief & Loss

Music to help those who are processing through a season of grief and loss. It's okay to cry, get angry, and be sad. The more you process, the less you'll be held back by the paralyzing grip of grief. 


WRITING: Upbeat & Energetic

Music to serve those who like upbeat lyrical music to help motivate them to write from a fun and positive mindset.

WRITING: Deep & Emotional

Music to serve those who like upbeat lyrical music to help motivate them to write from an introspective and deep place.