Welcome to Danielle Damrell Creative Collective, where I offer a range of creative business services to help you grow your brand and achieve your goals. Our services include:





*All service offerings include ONE 30-minute 1:1 call to discuss project details.*



My coaching services are designed to help you unlock your potential and achieve your personal and professional goals. All sessions include personalized support, guidance and feedback to help you overcome challenges, gain clarity, and achieve success. 

Available for VIP days, and 1/2 days - This is perfect for you if you're looking for advice + implementation all in the same call! By the end of these sessions, you will have the motivation and tools needed to continue growing in your life + business!

3-month and 6-month ongoing creative coaching or project management available on a limited basis.


Life Story Coaching - 6 Month Minimum

+ Weekly or Bi-weekly Sessions (determined after inital strategy call)

+ Divided Into 5 Sections: 

1. How Do Stories Get Written

2. Identifying Your Life Story

3. Rewriting Your Life Story

4. Living Your New Life Story

5. Finalizing Your Transformation

+ Printed 200 Page Guidebook Shipped Directly to Your Home (your workbook)

+ Limited Text Access 

+ Abundance of Creative Resources, Encouragement, and Inspiration

Starting at $9,600 


Fill out my contact form to get scheduled for a VIP day, 1/2 day, or for more information about additional coaching services. 

Harnessing the Power of Your Story - VIP DAY

+ Pre-Story Share Questionnaire 

+ 4-Hour Virtual Session

+ 1 Week Slack Access

+ Life Story Share

+ Uncovering the Road Blocks

+ Separate Truth from “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”

+ Identify the End Goal for Re-Writing Your Story (ie: write a book, set boundaries, etc.)

+ Implementation Steps to Alignment - REAL Implementation!

+ Meeting Recording

+ Meeting Overview & Action Plan

Starting at $1,100


Visual Branding - VIP 1/2 DAY

+ 2-Hour Virtual Session

+ Discuss Personal Branding

+ Visual Brand Review (Audit)

+ DIY Visual Brand Walkthrough (how to create a beautiful brand kit using Canva)

+ Brand Guide + Kit Canva Templates

+ Meeting Recording

+ Detailed Meeting Overview & Action Plan

Starting at $550

Brand Messaging Clarity - VIP 1/2 DAY

+ 2-Hour Virtual Session

+ Discuss Existing Personal Brand Messaging

+ Unlocking Your Authentic Brand Voice

+ Identifying Brand Intention (Your WHY)

+ Brand Voice Resources

+ Personalized Recommendations

+ Source Competitor Inspiration

+ Meeting Recording

+ Detailed Meeting Overview & Action Plan

Starting at $550



I am here to help you and/or your group to have the tools they need to harness the power of their story, both consciously and subconsciously. I offer presentations on a variety of topics aimed at helping individuals to rewrite the stories they tell themselves in order to build better businesses, and ultimately, better lives.

Keynote Topics Include:

  • Basics of Branding - How to Create Your Messaging and Brand Visuals
  • Creating Meaningful Work
  • Clarifying Your Message
  • Harnessing the Power of Your Story
  • +More!

In addition to traditional speaking engagements, we also offer creative processing workshops that are a great way to bring a group together and experience a tangible way to find healing and clarity while creating together. These workshops are available both in person and virtually. These presentations are interactive and provide tangible tools for participants to take home with them and apply to their daily lives.

If you're interested in booking a speaking engagement or workshop, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page!



Have you heard about the transformative power of Creative Processing?

What if I told you there was a way for us to meet for just 90 minutes and for you to have all the tools, resources, and support you need to jump right into utilizing Creative Processing?


In just 90 minutes, we're going to identify what the biggest blocks are that keep you held back from truly LIVING... Instead of just existing.

If you feel like you're running on autopilot or are just surviving through each day, I created this offering to serve YOU.

Creative Processing Strategy Session

+ Creative Processing Questionnaire

+ 90-Minute Virtual Session

+ Uncover the Creative or Emotional Blockage

Identify the Intention

+ 3 Customized Guided Processing Prompts

+ Personalized Creative Processing Resources + Recommendations

+ Detailed Meeting Overview & Action Plan




My brand design services are aimed at helping you create a unique and memorable brand that stands out from everyone else… Come on, it’s 2023. “Normal” is SO not cool.

At this time, I only take on brand design projects for clients who have established brand and messaging guides. This means that you should have a clear understanding of your brand values, target audience, and goals before we begin the design process. With this foundation in place, I can work with you to create a visually stunning and cohesive brand identity that accurately represents your brand and resonates with your target audience. If you're interested in working with me and already have an established brand kit or messaging guide, please fill out the contact form below to get started.

Custom Sticker Design

+ 2 Design Options Based Off Client Requests

+ PNG File Delivery Included

Durable Matte Vinyl (Solid or Transparent Backgrounds)

+ Varying Sizes from 1'' x 1'' - 6'' x 6''

+ Varying Shapes Available

Water, Sun, & Scratch Resistant

+ Proof Approval Required

Price: Starting at $60 for 10

*Price per sticker reduces for higher quantities.*


Personalized Brand Stationery 

+ 2 Design Options 

+ 4.25x5.5 Folded Card - 110 Smooth Ultra White

+ A2 4.375x5.75 Smooth Ultra White Envelope

+ Shipped Direct Within 10 Business Days

+ 1 Round of Revisions


Quantity of 99 or less - $2.50/Each

Quantity of 100 or more - $2.15/Each

*Other card sizes/paper stock options available upon request.*


Podcast Show Design

+ 3 Podcast Cover Design Options

+ 4 Square Promo Templates

+ 2 Story/Reel Templates

+ Show Notes Template

+ 1 Round of Revisions

Package Price: $750 


Social Graphic Design

+ 5 Social Media Post Graphics

+ 3 Story/Reel Cover Graphics

+ All Canva Templates Included

+ 1 Round of Revisions

Package Price: $300

Per Graphic Price: $40


Presentation Design

+ Up to 15 Slide - Slide Deck Presentation

+ Slide Deck Canva Template

+ 1 Presentation Promo Graphic

+ 1 Round of Revisions

+ $22 per Additional Page

Price: $600


Banner Design

+ Facebook Cover or Group Banner

+ LinkedIn Cover Banner

+ Email Header Banner

+ 1 Round of Revisions

Price: $250


Lead-Magnet Design

+ 2-Page Lead Magnet (cover + content)

+ Clickable PDF File Delivery

+ Competitor Research

+ Reusable Canva Template

+ 1 Round of Revisions

Price: $120


Workbook Design

+ Up to 15-Page Workbook Design

+ Clickable PDF File Delivery

+ Canva Template

+ 1 Round of Revisions

+ $22 per Additional Page

Price: $550 Each


Custom GIF Design + Setup

+ 10 Custom-Designed GIFs

+ Giphy Brand Channel Setup + Application (this how they become searchable on social media)

+ Sharable GIF Files 

+ $30 Per Additional GIF

Price: $550 Each


Media Kit Design

+ 1-Page Media Kit Matching Existing Branding

+ Formatted Using Client Answers in Pre-Design Questionnaire

+ Headshot Reformatting

+ $45 Per Additional Page

+ Canva Templates Included (for easy editing in the future).

+ 1 Round of Revisions

Price: $200


Email Signature Design

+ 1 Client Brand Styled Email Signature Design (for gmail emails only)

+ Up to 4 Social Media Icon Links

+ 1 Signature Banner (linked to website)

+ How-To Copy/Paste Signature Loom Video 

+ 1 Round of Revisions

Price: $200



My uniquely YOU copywriting services are designed to help you communicate your brand message clearly and effectively. Your story matters and I can help you tell it through clear, effective messaging representing who you are through your personal brand voice. I can help you create high-quality content for your website, social media channels, marketing materials, and more.

Whether you're an established business or just starting out, we can help you take your brand to the next level. Fill out the contact form below to learn more about my services and how I can help you create your brand.

Blog Content Writing

+ SEO Blog on Most Topics (Specialize in Life Stories, Wellness, Mental Health, Motherhood, Faith, and Communication)

+ Up to 500 Words

+ Topic Research

+ References, Backlinks, Citations

+ 1 Round of Revisions

$450 Each


Website Page Re-Write

+ Rewrite of Existing Copy

+ Up to 750 Words

+ 3 SEO Focus Words

+ Competitor Research

+ 1 Round of Revisions

$350 Per Page


Social Captions Copy

+ 12 Captions (3 per week for 4 weeks)

+ Up to 300 Words

+ Topic Research

+ Recommended Tags of Sources/References 

+ 1 Round of Edits

$450 Per Month


New Page Website Copy (Not Sales Pages)

+ Up to 750 Words

+ 3 SEO Focus Words

+ Competitor Research

+ 1 Round of Revisions

$450 Per Page


Single Email Newsletter

+ Up to 250-Word Email Newsletter

+ 2 Subject Line Options

+ 1 Round of Revisions

$175 Each


Weekly Email Newsletter

+ 4 Emails Per Month

+ Up to 250-Word Email Newsletter

+ 2 Subject Line Options

+ 1 Round of Revisions

$690 Per Month

Sales Email Sequence

+ 6-Email Nurture Sequence

+ Up to 300 Words Per Email

+ Up to 3 Added Visual Elements

+ 1 Round of Revisions

$900 Each


Pitch Template

+ Highlight Areas for Plug and Play- (Ex: topics, type of publication, type of expertise, etc.)

+ Up to 250 Words

+ Social Media Backlinks

+ 1 Round of Revisions

$120 Each




Hand-Lettered Digital Graphic

+ Up to 10 Words

+ Choose Between Square, 9:16 (screen size), or 4:5 

+ PNG, JPEG, PDF File Delivery

+ GIF Animation *Additional $20*

Price: $70/Graphic


LIVE On-Site Lettering

+ Client Supplies Surface Materials

+Lettering Supplies

+ Available to Travel Within 30 Miles of Denver Metro Area

Price: $80/Hour


***Most turnaround times are 2-4 weeks but timelines vary per project type and depending on the client load at the time of service request.***

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