The Power of Creative Processing

Creative Processing Defined: Activating your creative mind to process a certain intention.
Set the intention using the prompt, "The purpose of [CREATIVE OUTLET] is to process [CERTAIN INTENTION]."


Yes, I have a lot of journals... but let me tell you about the one that's open in the photo above.


On this day, I sat down with Moyra Gorski's Journey To Joy Journal and decided to combine her recommended journaling steps with the tool of #creativeprocessing... the experience was profound.


Before this, I was literally crippled by anxiety. I was battling my way through a level 3 (of 5) panic attack and I was bringing out all the tools:


Pray ✓

Read Bible ✓

Listen to Worship Music ✓

Prayer Journal ✓

Review Sermon Notes ✓

Read Therapy Journal ✓

Talk to Encouraging Friends ✓

Try New Journal from Podcast Guest & Friend ✓


...but I hadn't tried to practice Creative Processing yet.


Starting at the top of the page of a journal that almost seemed to be miraculously made for Creative Processing, I wrote:


"The purpose of WRITING is to process MY SPIRALING THOUGHTS."


I wrote every single thought I was having. Some made sense, some didn't. I just wrote until the lines ended in that section of the journal... 3 full pages of spiraling thoughts.


After I did this...


✨ I was able to breathe regularly again (part of effective Creative Processing has to do mindfully breathing, regularly).

✨ I was able to interrupt the negative, confusing, and overwhelming thought patterns that were stirring up the anxiety.

✨ I was able to connect with God from a place of stillness, instead of restlessness.

✨ I was able to rewrite the story and ground to reality... almost immediately.

✨ The spiraling thoughts that I had been battling and the knots upon knots in my belly... finally released.

✨ I could, quite literally, feel my nervous system regulate with each word that I wrote.




There is nothing quite like the experience of true freedom, gratitude, and contentment that comes after you practice Creative Processing. To be honest, though, my experience with these 3 things is often limited to 10–15 minutes at a time before the next wave of depression or anxiety hits, but that's more freedom than I've ever experienced in my life. It's a slow process to PROCESS your life. It takes time to learn how to heal in heart, mind, and body. Rebuilding neural pathways takes work, but the work is worth it... In the case of Creative Processing, it's often worth it immediately.


Our creativity is a natural gift that each one of us is born with. We have been created by a Creator who loves His CREATION.


So... we need to love His creation too, right?


Creative Processing is especially helpful for those of us who struggle with self-love, self-worth, or all together busy minds.


What Creative Processing does for those of us with busy minds is MIND BLOWING.


Don't just take it from me, read the testimonials from the incredible women within our Creative Processing Community!

Oh! I can't forget to mention that just since this was recorded... Pam (the beautiful woman from the video above) has written 2 CHAPTERS in books that are being published THIS YEAR! As you can tell, Pam has had quite a great experience with Creative Processing in just the last few months that she's been in the community!

Jenny Sanders Creative Processing Workshop Testimonial

Jenny has navigated through many GIGANTIC changes in her life in the last couple of years since learning about Creative Processing. In just the last 10 months of practicing it regularly, she has taken huge strides forward, both personally and professionally. We are so dang proud of her! 

Savannah Higgins Creative Processing Workshop Testimonial

Savannah has come to almost every single workshop since the BETA rounds in November 2022. Her commitment to show up and love herself through practicing self-care in this way, has benefitted her greatly. She is also a huge encouragement to everyone in the community and we are grateful for her!


Have we convinced you to try it yet?


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Moyra's Journal to Joy (*affiliate link* - available on Amazon + most places books are sold!)

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