Mom is Earned, Not Owned | GIF #5

Okay okay okay... I know this one isn’t as “cutsie” as the rest have been but the truth is, Mother’s Day is a deeply painful day for many people. Sometimes, no matter how badly you want to repair it or how many desperate attempts you’ve made, it just doesn’t work and the relationship between a mother and child is just deeply broken.

This is my story.

Since having my daughter in 2015, Mother’s Day has slowly evolved to be something that I no longer dread... it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but I actually kinda look forward to it now. The redemption God has had in my life through my bond with my daughter is a GIFT I will never take for granted. Now, there is still a portion of every Mother’s Day that I grieve for what I wish could have been... and allow myself to PROCESS the sadness. Then, I remember the redemption, looking into the face of MY little girl, knowing that I will never stop fighting to EARN the title of “Mom.”

Friend, if Mother’s Day is also painful for you for this reason, I feel you. You are STRONG, WORTHY, and IMPORTANT... even if your mom never told you that growing up.

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