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  • Danielle Damrell

    Confession... | GIF #10

    I have an ongoing lists of GIFs I search for and don’t find. Today, I was looking for this one to use in my story on my personal page @danielledamrellWhoop whoop. Day 10 of #oneadayinmay - DONE. View Post
  • Danielle Damrell

    Happy Mother's Day! | GIF #9

    Happy Mother’s Day! View Post
  • Danielle Damrell

    My child is my HERO | GIF #8

    Today, while reflecting on the last almost 6 years of motherhood, I remembered that it was the birth of my child that actually changed my life. She was my little unexpected blessing... she was exactly what I needed to change the course of my life and remind me of the important things. And to this... View Post
  • Danielle Damrell

    Mommy Time | GIF #7

    I gave one of the first GIFS I ever made, a face lift today! This one took a bit longer to create and there were a couple of mishaps that caused even more delays. Considering I made this thing in 10-15 minute bouts all throughout the day, I’ll count this as a win.Swipe over to watch the time laps... View Post
  • Danielle Damrell

    Mom Squad | GIF #6

    Whether you’re a mom of a human, plant, or animal, you’re can be part of my #momsquad View Post
  • Danielle Damrell

    Mom is Earned, Not Owned | GIF #5

    Okay okay okay... I know this one isn’t as “cutsie” as the rest have been but the truth is, Mother’s Day is a deeply painful day for many people. Sometimes, no matter how badly you want to repair it or how many desperate attempts you’ve made, it just doesn’t work and the relationship between a mo... View Post

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