You found a mini-bundle which means you're right where you should be! This is the only collection that is full of items from only the ✨WORTHY COLLECTION✨  This collection has been a cultivation of my Creative Processing journey. Endless joy and light has come from this season of creating despite the various day-to-day challenges. For me, this collection serves as the evidence of real healing and the power of learning things I previously thought were impossible... to which I will forever give credit to my God, my family, my community, and my therapist(s). The fact this collection even exists serves as proof God's hand has been at work in this.  I am but His hands at work sharing the messages He has created me to share. I wouldn't have it any other way.  


1 · 3.5'' x 5'' Notepad  (only available with bundle)
1 · Gold OR Rose Gold Pen  (only available with bundle)
1 · "Created Worthy" Wood Crate (only available with bundle)
1 · “Choose LIFE” Sticker
1 · "Shine On" Lightbulb Sticker
1 · “Yes + Amen"” Sticker

1 · “Respect” 1.25'' Round Pin
1 · “Change Your Mind Not Your Soul” Sticker

***1 Additional full-color print is included on the back of the thank you card!

A NOTE FROM THE DAMRELL'S: A portion of this purchase will go towards helping our family through the next phase of growing our family. We are on a fertility journey... Please know how deeply grateful we are that YOU are even here, reading this.

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