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    Date: October 27, 2020 | Danielle Damrell   Yesterday was the first snow day of the season and as beautiful and magical as snow is, I found myself needing a TIMEOUT. Since the start of school this year, I have selfishly counted on having Monday’s all to myself as a time to set up my week and ment... View Post
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    Date: November 9, 2020 | Danielle Damrell Full transparency: I had a harder time than usual writing this post… Please be kind. As many of you know, I am currently in a season of healing and am learning SO MANY incredible things on this journey. Creating plays a huge part in how I process. In rec... View Post
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    Date: November 18, 2020 | Danielle Damrell The song “Rise Up” written and sang by Andrea Day has to be one of the most powerful songs written in this decade. I have leaned on this song so many times in the last several years and decided I wanted to learn more about what inspired Andrea Day to wr... View Post

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